How To Know If She’s Faking Orgasm

There are lots of reasons why women fake orgasm. If you’re with a person for the first time or you’re trying something new, she might fake it to make you think that you’re doing a good job and to help you get off when in reality, she’s not getting much of anything from it other than the fact that she feels sexy.

Also, there’s a bunch of guys that can’t accept the fact that they did a bad job and that’s why she fakes it, except that it’s not just because somebody doesn’t do it well or right, sometimes, it takes a woman a very long time to get there.

A good orgasm is one that you don’t look attractive. So dudes before you buy her moaning, shaking and crazy noises, make sure to check these indications first to know if she’s just faking it;

  1. She starts doing something that she’s never than before in sex.

This will be for people who have been together for a little bit longer time. If she randomly just starts screaming or calling your name which she hasn’t ever done that in the past, chances are she’s trying to simulate an orgasm as if she’s actually having one when she’s not. If your girl is the silent type, she’s more likely to increase her breathing and starts sweating rather than making a noise. But then again, if she is a screamer and she starts moaning, making some noises or other than what she normally does, it could be an indication that you hit a new spot and if so, congratulations! But it could also be an indication that she’s trying to fake it.

  1. If she doesn’t have any type of muscle contractions.

If you happen to be inside of her, if you don’t feel some kind of muscle contractions, she may or may not have been faking an orgasm. But if you can’t feel it because of size difference or whatever the case may be, don’t take it as a sheer sign that she didn’t have an orgasm. But there are other muscles in her body that should react and tense up like her legs, thigh or anything in that general vicinity before she’s getting ready to explode.

  1. Point out and ask her.

Most women will take offense to this idea though and it could end you up in fights that you just do not want to get into. So we suggest leaving it as it is. Even if you suspect if she is doing that, just figure out what you can do to help her get off the next time rather than focusing on what you did wrong.

Faking orgasms happen. Now the question is, should you take it personally and get offended by it? You can try confronting her about it in the end but it would best to just use those indications that maybe there’s something you need to work on or you need to focus on getting her off before you even go through the sexual process so that you don’t feel bad whenever you get off.